Frequently Asked Questions

Will Follow Me Back have a sequel?

Yes! The sequel entitled TELL ME NO LIES is out now! The story picks up where Book 1 left off… and everything you think you understand about these characters will be thrown into question all over again.

What does the A.V. stand for?

The V is for Viv, and that’s the name most people call me. The A is a deep, dark secret. (You’ll find I like secrets. That’s why I write mysteries.)

How old are you?

See answer above about liking secrets… Old enough to have a husband and two little ones running around. Young enough to act like a teenage fangirl on social media.

Where do you live?

The wilds of central New Jersey.

How can I get in touch with you?

I’m totally open to reader feedback. I’m happy to answer questions. I also think it’s important as an author to listen and learn from the collected wisdom of my readers. Twitter and Wattpad are the fastest ways  to reach me, or you’re welcome to email: theavgeiger@gmail.com.

For professional inquiries, I’m represented by Myrsini Stephanides of the Carol Mann Agency.